Please receive today’s version of aquaman Acting Guide

Please receive today’s version of aquaman Acting Guide

A half-human, half-atlantean by birth, aquaman was the illegitimate child of the Queen of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis and a lighthouse keeper on the American coast, and the ability to swim and breathe underwater, to communicate with sea life, to rule the seven seas, and to be endowed with the symbol of the atlantean crown, the Trident that wields the power of the sea and makes waves.
Aquaman is a girl’s dream lover, boys should try to feel like being a Aquaman. Here is the guide for the Aquaman cosplay costume.
Aquaman’s costume is very eye-catching, if you have seen the movie, you can’t forget his jumpsuit. The upper part of the clothes is made of golden spandex leather, and many scales are embroidered on the surface of the clothes. What’s important is that some clear lines outline the body contours of the Aquaman, including the abdominal muscles and the chest muscles. The lower body is made of black and thin knit, and the lines are also meets the theme of the sea.
His belt is golden, the whole belt is very layered, the figure in front of the belt is like a fish head, and the figure on the belt is like a fish bone.
Aquaman has a pair of gloves with black and is decorated with green. The focus is on the pair of wristbands above the glove. It is green and the overall shape is very fluid, like shark fin. His shoes are also related to the shape of the fish.
Aquaman’s weapon is a trident. If you think that online is too expensive, you can try to do it yourself. You can use iron bars and cardboard and stick them together.
This movie shows us an exquisite underwater world, the magnificent and magnificent underwater wonders, which can be called “Avatar under the sea, Pandora underwater”.Join US for a cosplay tour in the king of Shanghai Costume.


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